Friday, August 20, 2010


Welcome to the Numinal Illuminal. This is our inaugural post. In this blog, we intend to write about whatever strikes our fancy though we intend to keep it philosophical. Our interest is true philosophy, or the “love of wisdom”.  The discovery of foundational questions is our primary purpose. We will make attempts to answer these questions, but these are of secondary importance. To this end, political topics will arise but our commentary will be for the sake of philosophy. Thus, we hope that even those who disagree with us will enjoy reading this blog and benefit. Comments are welcome provided they are civil.

Posts will range from short discussions to longer essays and will be polished to varying degrees.  We intend to use this space to review books, post portions of works in progress, and respond to each other’s posts and reader comments we find particularly interesting or insightful. It is our hope that this blog becomes a forum for intelligent discussion and the refinement of thoughts.

All of us have interest in the questions of the rightly ordered society, philosophy and the liberal arts. Beyond that our specific interests vary quite a bit. Ioannes Stephaniades is interested in economics, mathematics, statistics, and the relationship between science and society. Rhetocrates is interested in chemistry, physics, and military sciences. Filius is interested in philology, medievalism, and literature, especially Dante’s Divine Comedy.